What’s New On-board?

Experience refreshing/relaxing new rooms
and a whole new menu of Asian Fusion cuisine.
All rooms are in modern minimalist concept, evoking a sense of space and functionality. Motivated, experienced crew ready to serve
the guest. Party at the sandbar...

Apo Reef & Coron

At Apo Coral Reef. An underwater vista of colorful corals await you. Swim with sea turtles, or view an array of colorful surgeonfish, anthias and others. At Coron. Miles and miles of pristine white sand. Beautiful limestone cliffs, lagoons, saltwater/freshwater hot springs. And the
popular dive sites of coral reefs and Japanese Warship wrecks.


The best dive site in the Philippines, most likely in the world's top 10 list. Clear blue waters, 50 meters deep and deeper. A melting pot of marine life.
A must see for every diver in their lifetime.